Holly's story

Holly’s video story of heroin survival

Holly’s partner was already opioid-dependent when she had her baby. Suffering from post-natal depression, she turned to heroin for a "quick fix". Holly went from shoplifting to dealing to pay for the habit she developed and was eventually jailed for supplying drugs.

Prison allowed Holly to turn her life around when she went through a period of withdrawal. "It was horrible", says Holly, but she got through the withdrawals, was abstinent for five years and was rebuilding her life. Yet her past still came back to haunt her. She fell pregnant again and, despite being opiate free, Holly’s baby was taken into care. Distraught Holly turned back to heroin; "it was the only thing I knew that would numb everything".

Holly was determined to find a different way. "I went and got treatment at the earliest point − rather than letting it take control, I went and got help". She again succeeded in turning her life around and now volunteers, advocating for women’s rights. Holly strongly believes that information can help people find the right treatment for them but says it needs to be much more widely accessible. "Websites, surgeries, clinics, walk in centres, all these places should have the information but they don’t". Now Holly is happier and is trying to provide the help to other drug users that she needed, "I’m more positive again, I’m more motivated. I just want to try and help others with it and educate people, that’s all I want to do".