Alice's story

Alice’s video story of heroin survival

Alice had “always sought out drugs” but her teenage curiosity led to her trying heroin and ultimately dependence.

She didn’t realise just how hard it would be to “get back into the real world”. Part of the problem is that “you carry a stigma and you don’t feel like you have a voice. Doors close left, right and centre”. Shut out from large parts of society, Alice found that “once you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, there’s a sense of purpose in scoring”.

Alice went through 10 years of unsuccessful treatments, which “didn’t work because I wasn’t involved in the decision”. All that changed when a doctor finally asked her “what is it that you think you need?” Empowered and armed with her own knowledge of treatment options, Alice explains with conviction, “I actually did know what I needed”. Being treated with dignity and asked for her opinion was a real turning point in Alice’s treatment, “it’s got to be about making the right choice for you, whether that’s a medicated one or not. I’ve taken charge, so I’ve got my control back”.

As well as finding an appropriate treatment, Alice suggests that everyone needs “a reason to wake up in the morning”. Alice has embraced this and started a company/charity and travelled. She stresses you shouldn’t “succumb to the myth that because you’re using drugs you can just shed your ethics and your principles”.