My Recovery My Choice provides free materials that aim to motivate and assist both drug users and their families in their battle to overcome opioid dependence.

If you would like free printed My Recovery My Choice materials, please go to the store to order copies today.


MRMC Brochure

These booklets provide access to all the My Recovery My Choice information for reading discreetly and for those without internet access.


MRMC Poster

Eye-catching and interesting posters to raise awareness of the campaign. Four poster designs are available, each with a different true story and details of how to access the website.


MRMC Postcard

Postcards that can be put in a bag or pocket. Ideal for people to pick up and take home to learn more. Four postcard designs are available, each including a different true story and details of how to access the website.

Wallet Cards

MRMC Walletcard

Wallet cards are perfect if you have limited space. Discreet and ideal for someone to put into their purse or wallet for use at a later date, or to pass onto others they think it could help. My Recovery My Choice wallet cards come in a handy box that doubles as a card dispenser.


MRMC Slimjim

These four-page pamphlets can be picked up and put in a bag or pocket but also provide some brief key information. These short pamphlets are available to provide background information on My Recovery My Choice, what dependence is, how to recognise when someone may need help and available support groups.