About My Recovery My Choice

My Recovery My Choice was produced by PCM Scientific (a medical education company) by redrafting a set of internationally available materials to make them suitable for the UK and was subsequently reviewed by the Alliance. My Recovery My Choice is focused on providing good quality information about opioid dependence and the options available in the UK for tackling it. This website aims is to empower users and their families to make the best decisions for their unique journey towards recovery and overcoming this complex social and medical condition.

My Recovery My Choice has been created in an attempt to be clear, open and honest. We have consulted with as many people as we can but we would love to hear from you. My Recovery My Choice is an evolving project and we are always looking from feedback, comments and personal stories to help improve the site.

Our partners

  • the Alliance

    The Allianceis a user led organisation which provides advocacy, training and helpline services to those currently in drug or alcohol treatment, those who have accessed treatment in the past and those who may access treatment in the future.

  • The Hepatitis C Trust

    The Hepatitis C Trust is the national UK charity for hepatitis C. It was founded and is now led and run by people with personal experiences of hepatitis C and almost all of their Board, staff and volunteers either have hepatitis C or have had it and cleared it after treatment. Their mission is to reverse the rapidly increasing death toll caused by hepatitis C in the UK until no-one dies from this preventable and treatable disease and, ultimately, it is all but eradicated in this country.

  • The Drug and Alcohol Findings Effectiveness Bank

    The Drug and Alcohol Findings Effectiveness Bankproject gives UK practitioners access to research which can help establish and improve the effectiveness of their responses to drug and alcohol problems. In practitioner-friendly but rigorous analyses, the project encapsulates the studies' findings, sets them in context and explores the implications for practice.

  • Scottish Drugs Forum

    Scottish Drugs Forumworks towards a healthier, more equal society where everyone can fulfil their potential and the needs of those affected by drug use are met effectively and with empathy, compassion and respect.

  • Crime Reduction Initiatives

    CRI (Crime Reduction Initiatives) is a health and social care charity working with individuals, families and communities across England and Wales that are affected by drugs, alcohol, crime, homelessness, domestic abuse and antisocial behaviour.

  • National Users’ Network

    NUN(The National Users’ Network) exists to advocate for the rights and voices of people who use drugs and drugs services. It empowers people to alleviate suffering and promote their own wellbeing by enabling the spread of good practice through networking, information sharing and debate.

  • UK Recovery Federation

    UKRF(The UK Recovery Federation) focuses on recovery: growth, transformation, renewed meaning, value and empowerment. It supports the development of a diverse UK-wide recovery movement and supports organisations in the delivery of recovery-orientated services.

  • Addaction

    Addactionaims to help transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems. It helps individuals recover from their dependency and also provides support to those closest to them. Working with families and loved ones forms a major part of Addaction's treatment ethos.

  • London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum

    London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forumworks to support local partnerships and to promote good practice. It also seeks to influence policy development and implementation. The Forum has been involved in a wide range of work, exploring the challenges that face local partnerships when seeking to improve services for those affected by drugs and alcohol.

  • DrugScope

    DrugScopeis the leading UK charity supporting professionals working in drug and alcohol treatment, drug education, and prevention and criminal justice. It is the primary source of independent information on drugs and drug-related issues.

  • Turning Point

    Turning Pointis a national health and social care service, providing personalised care and support to enable people to make positive changes in their lives.

  • Adfam

    Adfamprovides support and training to families and friends that have been affected by drug and alcohol misuse. It also gives advice and practical guidance to other groups and individuals working in the sector.

  • Oxfordshire User Team

    OUT (The Oxfordshire User Team) is an independent charity that fights for better, safer and quicker treatment for people living with serious drug problems in Oxon by recruiting members who have experienced drug issues. It provides help through peer training, harm minimisation information, education and support.

  • Lancashire User Forum

    LUF(The Lancashire User Forum) is an independent, open forum where people in recovery from drug or alcohol misuse are given a platform to share ideas, network and set up groups and activities.

  • Gill Bradbury

    Gill Bradburyis a clinical management consultant and trainer in substance misuse, harm reduction and the treatment of dependency. Her widespread experience spans 22 years in community-based residential and prison settings.

  • The Aurora Project Lambeth

    The Aurora Project Lambethis a not-for-profit social enterprise, founded and set up by a group of people who have been affected by addiction. It promotes the belief that those in recovery have much to offer by using their experience to help others going through treatment.

  • Cranstoun

    Cranstounprovide quality and innovative drug and alcohol treatment services in England. Their range of services has an acknowledged reputation for delivering treatment, rehabilitation and high-quality support, with the aim of reducing the impact and harm caused by drug and alcohol use to individuals and communities.

  • Delphi Medical

    Delphi Medicalis the leading independent provider of drug and alcohol clinical treatment in the UK. Their aim is not just to raise the standard of their work but to inspire those they work with to better achieve their potential.

  • Phoenix Futures

    Phoenix Futuresis a leading provider of services for people with drug and alcohol problems. It offers services within community, prison and residential settings in England and Scotland.

  • UK Recovery Walk

    UKRF(The UK Recovery Walk) raises awareness of substance use disorders and recovery from addiction. The aim of The UK Recovery Walk is to celebrate the achievements of individuals in recovery and acknowledge the work of prevention, treatment and recovery service providers.

  • Kenward Trust

    Kenward Trustis a charity that offers people the opportunity to change their lives and reach their full potential. They help address substance misuse, homelessness and resettlement issues, bringing hope, help and support. Their services are currently based in Kent and East Sussex.